Fertility is a growing problem as women now wait longer to have their babies.

Fertility Therapy in North London with Shirlee KayThe disappointment and loss experienced by couples unsuccessfully trying for a baby can be overwhelming and isolating and they can benefit from support and care.

Talking through the issues with a professional can enable couples to start making sense of their experiences and help them work through issues which impact strongly on their relationship.

Issues which can impact on couples include:

  • Sex Life
  • Feeling a failure
  • Isolation from and avoidance of those who are pregnant or already have children.
  • Letting family down.
  • Fear the relationship might end if unable to have children
  • Decisions concerning egg or sperm donation, surrogacy or adoption
  • When to stop trying
  • How to move forward

Appointments available at the following locations:

Portobello Clinic
12 Raddington Road. London W10 5TG
Mon, Wed, Fri 8-6pm

2 Spanish Place
bell: Vernon Carron. London W1 3HF
Thurs 6-9pm

30 Sutherland Place
W2 5BZ
Tuesday evenings and Saturdays

St Marys Hospital
By appointment