Connecting with ourselves allows us to connect better with others.

At the core of Shirlee Kay’s counselling work is an intrinsic belief that we make the best choices when we’re helped to gain an understanding of the wealth of emotional intelligence and strengths we already possess.

Shirlee Kay | Therapist and Couples Counsellor in North LondonOffered alternative ways of thinking we gain the confidence to believe in and understand ourselves. As we learn to access these attributes, we find an acceptance of our emotions and reactions.

On offer are tools which teach you to use your own intrinsic understanding of yourself and to reconnect to feelings that once understood can give you a different perspective.

With this clarity comes the ability to make better and safer choices.

Learn more about Shirlee Kay, or find out more about the help she can offer: Individual TherapyCouples’ TherapySex Therapy and Fertility Therapy

Appointments available at the following locations:

Portobello Clinic
12 Raddington Road. London W10 5TG
Mon, Wed, Fri 8-6pm

2 Spanish Place
bell: Vernon Carron. London W1 3HF
Thurs 6-9pm

30 Sutherland Place
W2 5BZ
Tuesday evenings and Saturdays

St Marys Hospital
By appointment

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